“I'm a serial entrepreneur with a love for helping businesses succeed and a strong belief that with the right attitude, strategy and team, anything is possible. My natural gifts of writing, communication and creativity have been the source for my success.”

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A Little History

I began my career at Raytheon Marine Company and grew my expertise by working with some of the industry’s most respected marine professionals. I fell in love with the marine industry and took advantage of every opportunity to learn from the best. One of my most challenging and rewarding experiences was managing the rebranding of the company from Raytheon to Raymarine in 2001. Soon after, I took a giant leap of faith into creating my own brand, Hawley Communications and began working with marine manufacturers and distributors. For the past 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of innovative marine companies and continue to explore creative marketing strategies and solutions for each individual client.

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